Steven Tyler Shows Off His Vocal Chops In Acapella Compilation

via @Aerosmith | Youtube

The flamboyant frontman of Aerosmith, one of America’s most successful rock bands (with over 66.5 million copies sold), Steven Tyler, the self-proclaimed “Screaming Demon ‘,” is best known for his impressive vocal skills, and his blues harmonica skills and being one-half of the “Toxic Twins” alongside his bandmate Joe Perry.

Moving away from Aerosmith here and there, he has recorded with many other artists over the decades, producing some popular and darker collaborations.

Steven Tyler 72 has earned the title of a legend because he brings together what it takes to be one: a great performer with a very defined image, an excellent composer, and a gift in his throat: a very recognizable, grounded voice with a very wide vocal range.

Each voice is unique, with more or less given capacities; some can be exercised or improved. Others do not. And that also contributes to a voice being special and inimitable. In the video below, Steven Tyler Shows Off His Vocal Chops In Acapella Compilation: