Stevie and Lindsey Literally HATED Each Other During This Performance- You Can Feel It

YouTube / Lindsey Buckingham Gems

“The Chain” Live On Stage 1982

The story of Fleetwood Mac is a unique one amongst bands. Pretty much were all ex-lovers at one point. Yet, they still made it ‘work’. Could you imagine having to perform with your ex for all those years? And then live on stage in front of thousands of people? Perhaps this is also why they were so successful. The energy, the words, the voices really meant something while singing their songs.

It’s no secret that Stevie and Lindsey were together but when they split, there came a time where they literally hated each other. Seriously though, like really despised each other. After shows, Lindsey would be in one corner of the backroom, and Stevie would be in the other. Lindsey would sit on one side of the plane, and Stevie the other. They would barely communicate. Not even talk. There must have been so much tension, you could cut it with a knife.

So we found a clip during the time they were at each other’s throats while on stage singing “The Chain” in 1982. But listen to the part where things build up. They’re staring at each other. Eye to eye. Only feet apart. You can ‘feel’ the tension. You can hear the passion.