Stevie Nicks’ Thoughts On Being Yelled Off Stage by Janis Joplin

Youtube / Grunge

2 Icons Meet

When you think of some of the most iconic women in rock and roll, a couple names come to mind such as Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin. So it’s always interesting to see what went down when they interacted with each other.

In an excellent video put together by Youtube channel Grunge, we learn about the time Stevie Nicks was yelled off the stage by Janis Joplin. Much like many young, aspiring artists, Nicks looked up to Janis Joplin and in 1970 while being in the band Fritz, she was met with an angry Janis. But as you find out, she wasn’t the only one that day that was yelling off the stage. She shares some her thoughts of how she felt about the incident.