“Sweet Child Of Mine” India Style Is Strangely Addicting

photo credit: Baiju Dharmajan & Girish © YouTube

These two Indian dudes reinterpreted one of the most iconic classic rock songs and you’ll be surprised how good it actually sounds!

We all know that the Guns N’ Roses classic “Sweet Child O’ Mine” is one of the most covered songs ever. It has 2.5 million search results on YouTube alone!

“I’ve even heard an arrangement of it for harp. Recently I was in a hotel and the lounge pianist was playing it. I get a mixture of emotions when that happens. Part of it is ‘hey wow, that’s our tune!,’ part of it’s embarrassment at even noticing it, part of it’s bewilderment of somebody else playing your music, someone who knows nothing about you, who has never met you, who is just playing your music as part of a thousand pieces of material that they have to play. Imagine how, say, Paul McCartney must feel, hearing his music absolutely everywhere.” – Slash on other ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ cover versions

While some covers are rockin’, most are just mediocre and many are just downright ridiculous! However, another cover by Indian guitarist Baiju Dharmajan and singer Girish Pradhan went viral. They put a traditional and cultural twist to the classic track and the result is mind-boggling!

via Baiju .Dharmajan/YouTube

Baiju is known in India as the “God Of Small Strings” and he was previously a member of the Indian prog band Mother Jane. Colloborating with him is another Indian prodigy Girish Pradhan who would be best known as the frontman of the local band Girish and The Chronicles. Together, they’ve created a surprisingly amazing fusion of eastern and western music in a very popularly-covered song. They added their own flavor and twist – and it almost feels like you’re listening to this classic for the first time.

Check it out for yourselves. It’s simply magical and unforgettable.