Tenacious D Album “Post-Apocalyptico” Will Feature Dave Grohl On Drums

via Tenacious D/YouTube

Something To Look Forward To!

Hold your horses because our favorite duo is back! That alone is exciting but the fact that they will have Dave Grohl on drums makes the waiting more unbearable. Can you drop the album already?!

But this is just one of two surprises Tenacious D is giving their fans because aside from the 21-song “Post-Apocalypto” which they will release on November 2 this year (it will be available on CD, digitally and on a translucent green vinyl), they will also air a six-part animated series on their YouTube Channel about the apocalypse and how they must save the world.

The premiere date is on September 28 and they will release new episodes every Friday.

Fun Fact: Jack Black himself hand-drawn the animation in the series and the characters are all voiced by Black and Kyle Gass.

Only a creative genius can come up with insanely brilliant ideas like these. Check out the teaser below.