The 1 Wild Thing Freddie Did At Party- Pure Debauchery

Freddie Mercury of Queen, performing at the Omni. (Photo by Tom Hill/WireImage)

Little People & Cocaine

We all know how great of a frontman Freddie was. His flamboyant, theatrical presence on stage. His high energy and crazy vocal range. And writer of arguably the greatest song of rock n’ roll. But make no mistake about it. He was crazy. Absolutely wild. Many people just see the surface of his musical genius. Perhaps the performances on stage. The icon Live Aid at Wembley stadium, where he gets the entire stadium to sing along.

But Mercury was known to throw the wildest parties and invited famous guests while doing it.

There is a story of how he had little people with plates on their heads full of cocaine, walking around at his parties.

There’s one thing for sure about him. He was more than just a musician. He was more than just a singer. He was an artist. And looking at the way he threw parties, you can see the ‘art’ in that. It’s as if everything he did was channeled from the inside out.

Modern hip hop artists like to throw in the lyrics “party like a rockstar” but they wouldn’t even know where to start.

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