The 10 Basses That Built Rock n’ Roll

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We have broken down the 10 Basses That Built Rock n’ Roll. Each one is characterized by its sound, quality, and style. So if you are interested in acquiring a bass, we recommend you keep reading this article.

Fender American Professional Precision Bass

It’s no wonder Leo Fender’s brand is one of the most promising when it comes to offering electric basses. On this list, the Fender Precision Bass stands out among the 10 best electric basses, the first commercially viable bass in history developed in 1951.


Fender American Elite Jazz Bass

Released in 1960 by Fender, the Jazz Bass has been a legend in the history of basses used by great bassists such as Jaco Pastorius, Flea, or Marcus Miller. Like the Fender Precision Bass, this electric bass is one of the most versatile that can be found on the market. It is equipped with two pickups placed in different places on the body of the instrument, allowing it to generate a wide range of sounds, both separately and together.


Rickenbacker 4003

It is an electric bass with years of experience that was released in 1981 used by popular bassists such as Nikolai Fraiture, Lemmy Kilmister, among others. Its construction is of the Neck-Thru type, that is, the neck crosses the entire body of the instrument. This directly intervenes in its resonance, thus giving it the ability to generate truly amazing sounds.


Hofner Ignition Beatle Bass 500/1

It is a semi-acoustic electric bass with its hollow sides, launched by the German brand Höfner in the 50s. This electric bass became very popular in the 60s by the Beatle Paul McCartney, attributing the name of the Beatle Bass to it. It offers an exquisite sound for a very reasonable price for electric bass with these characteristics and with a wide musical trajectory when compared to other basses.


Sterling by Music Man Stingray Bass

It has an innovative and characteristic sound, quite aggressive, sharp, and extremely powerful; Everything you could want from an electric bass guitar! All these characteristics qualify it as the ideal instrument for new musical currents. Without a doubt, since its launch, it was and continues to be a success in the market today. This electric bass was the first mass-produced to incorporate an active preamp for its respective equalization.


Fender Offset Series Mustang

It has been one of the longest-lasting Fender designs. This bass incorporates the power of the P Bass and J Bass pickups for a more flexible, thunderous bass tone that creates a smooth playing feel. In addition, its design is impeccable and elegant. It easily adapts to any style of music, mainly because of its pickups. The volume and tone controls along with the conventional three-way switch provide you with a wide variety of sounds.


Ibanez SRAS7DEB SR Bass Workshop 7-String

In addition to being very smooth to play, this magnificent bass is equipped with seven strings. This new design involves unusual concepts without neglecting the fundamentals of the electric bass, which is why this instrument has built an excellent reputation. It is characterized by the unique construction of its fingerboard, since the first five strings of the instrument are cut by the well-known frets, while the last two strings are in a smooth area of ​​the fingerboard, yes, no frets! This allows for a more solid tone, smoother playing, and even a more responsive sound. Also known as Ashula, this electric bass expands the possibilities of common bass in ways never before experienced.


Ibanez GSRM20BS Mikro 4 String Brown Sunburst

A fairly comfortable and compact bass. It is an instrument with small dimensions, so it is very practical when moving it. As its neck is thinner, it produces great satisfaction when touched. This electric bass is ideal for young and old music fans. Its body is made of agathis, its frets are medium in size and some parts are made of rosewood. Its bridge is the B10 type and the PSNDP neck pickup.


Squier by Fender Vintage SS Special Jaguar Bass

It has internal electronics that make it a very versatile electric bass capable of producing a variety of tones. Embrace the classic Fender look under this spin-off brand, Squier. It reflects a sleek offset-waist body and an ultra-slim 30 ”snap action scale neck, making it a very comfortable bass guitar ideal for little hands. It is an ideal bass for learners but also for those who are at a higher level of learning. Its price is really accessible and includes everything necessary to produce pieces with deep and soft tones.


Fender Custom Shop Time Machine 1960 Jazz Bass

Regarded as one of the best electric basses ever, it is a true recreation of Leo Fender’s masterpiece. With its rosewood fingerboard, it is prized for its warm and inviting rocking at the neck position and its astonishing definition at the bridge position. Its body is sculpted alder and has Journeyman lacquer finishes. The vintage bridge adopts the ashtray pickup cover and the distinctive Fender “F” logo together demonstrate the pleasant feel of this amazing electric bass.