The 10 Best Chuck Berry Albums

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The Father Of Rock N’ Roll

Chuck Berry was a pioneer of rock and roll and was a significant influence of both music and the rock music style. With his songs Maybellene, Roll Over Beethoven, Rock and Roll Music, and Johnny B. Goode, Berry developed a new refined rhythm and blues that made rock n’ roll a distinctive sound.

He was a great songwriter and most of his music successfully appeal to the early youth during his era. Most of his music talks about humor, dances, teenage life, fast cars, high school life, and consumer culture, and his guitar solos became the major influence on rock music.

We look back at his best rock and roll albums of all-time.


10. Best Of The Best Of Chuck Berry (Compilation)


9. New Juke Box Hits

8. Rockin’ At The Hops


7. Chuck Berry Twist (Compilation)


6. Anthology (Compilation)


5. St. Louis To Liverpool


4. One Dozen Berrys


3. After School Session


2. The Great Twenty-Eight (Compilation)


1. Chuck Berry Is On Top