The 10 Perfect Classic Rock Travel Songs

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We all love listening to music while driving, but even our favorite artists have a limit, and in the end, we get tired of repeating the same playlist until our ears loathe that beloved voice. That terrible moment in which we say “enough” before an excessively repeated piece. A long trip is a good time to get fed up with hearing the same thing on a loop. The songs are short and the albums quickly run out on the player. We need something different. Here we give you a list of 10 Perfect Classic Rock Travel Songs:


In A Gadda Da Vida – Iron Butterfly

A rock song from 1968 that lasts for more than 17 minutes. The self-titled album reserves the entire B-side for her. With very simple lyrics at the beginning and end of the piece, this song marks the history of rock because it indicates, together with Blue Cheer and Steppenwolf, the exact moment in which psychedelic music began to produce heavy metal. A path marked out for Deep Purple or Led Zeppelin to travel it in the following decade.


Child In Time – Deep Purple

We already said above how much Deep Purple owes Iron Butterfly, and this song is a sample. 10 minutes and 18 seconds far superior to the iconic Smoke on the water and one of the first recorded heavy metal songs. The intensity grows from the beginning thanks to the voice of Ian Gilliam and an epic electric guitar solo that takes more than two minutes. Finally, the sensation is analogous to waking up from a nightmare. A very elaborate one.


Echoes – Pink Floyd

Some people consider the best in history. As is usual in the band, it is a song well over 10 minutes and occupies the entire B-side of Meddle, an album from 1971. It very clearly indicated the paths that the band would follow later. It has a very special atmosphere with a strange initial sound similar to a sonar that increases its volume with a calm rhythm until an organ begins to sound accompanied by Gilmour’s electric guitar. Then a calm and interior world is revealed. The evolution of the song takes us to a desert world where the echoes of unknown creatures and a strong wind sound, on the way to an incredible rock explosion.


The Musical Box – Genesis

1971, the band surprised us with Nursery Crime, which includes this song that destroys the litany of those who say that progressive rock is too elegant and boring. Phil Collins destroys this prejudice throughout the song on drums. The sound moves between the baroque ballad and symphonic metal. Way ahead of its time, it is an authentic sound journey that is highly recommended.


Underture – The Who

Framed in the B-side of Tommy, the album that took the band out of the hardships of its bad situation of the late 60s, Underture is a song of almost 10 minutes that we included in this playlist because of the specific weight that the entire album had in the recovery of The Who. We are talking about the first rock opera for some fans and an idolized work that constitutes the first rock and roll album that tells a story in a linear way. When it rings in your car you will be listening to the true History of music.


Get it on – T-Rex

There are songs that simply have nothing to do with traveling, not even with moving out of bed (rather with moving in bed), but for some reason, they are perfect to listen to while the lines of the road slide under the chassis of our car. This is one of them. Maybe it’s the riff, the bass that recalls the runrun of a six-cylinder engine, or maybe it’s that I’m a little weird, you know.


Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd

“Sweet Home Alabama” is definitely the best travel song and an old classic that you should turn to full volume when you start your car’s engines to travel on the highway.


I’ve Been Everywhere – Johnny Cash

This song is about Johnny Cash writing about his life on the road as a traveling musician. He may not have been to every part of the world, but he has definitely crossed the entire United States and Canada with his music.


Sympathy For The Devil – The Rolling Stones

“Sympathy For the Devil” makes you want to drive. Who wouldn’t include this in their best travel song playlist? This travel song is one of the most famous songs in rock and roll history.


Proud Mary – Tina Turner

This song has incredible energy and puts you in the mood to jump on your car and explore.