The 3 Rock Albums That Made Your College Days In The 70s’

via @bluearmyaudio | Youtube

The records that ooze sweat, whiskey, and broken glass. An obligatory dish in the diet of every college rocker who pretends to know something about this. Below are The 3 Rock Albums That Made Your College Days In The 70s’.


1. The Rolling Stones – ‘Exile On Main St.’

“Exile on Main St.” It is a disc influenced by its environment. A vivid portrait of a stormy and bustling time of creativity. A pure bustle, a pure fluid not suitable for times of stress. It requires your time, but not because it is difficult, but because it is immense, endless in a tiptoe approach. The Stones’ masterpiece requires deep and prolonged immersion. What it offers is worth it. They will be fully satiated, hooked for life.


2. The Clash – ‘London Calling’

London Calling is definitely ending punk rock times, all subsequent bands playing in the style of Sex Pistols, Ramones, or early The Clash were already referred to as post-punk.


3. Fleetwood Mac – ‘Rumours’

“Rumors” was pure perfection. It had everything the mainstream of the time asked for: beautiful melodies, Stevie Nicks’ sweet voice, and a clean, organic sound. Without shrillness or experiments. The album was in the 70s what “Thriller” was in the 80s. A kind of “greatest hits” made disco. That it was number one on both sides of the Atlantic. Of those that you will always see in the lists of great records in history. You know, one of the virtues of music lovers is knowing how to choose the exact album for each moment. Well when your mood asks for pop perfection, “Rumors” will always be an excellent option …