The 4 Chords That Ruined Music – And You Didn’t Even Notice

This Is Too Upsetting For Music

Looks like new pop songs today have one thing in common. THE FOUR CHORDS! Have you ever wondered about how to play your favorite songs like a remix or mashed up all together? Yeah, the 4 chords.

What’s up with these 4 chords? — They are totally destroying what real music stands for. The uniqueness, the creativity and the art of music. Obviously, anyone can now create their own music using these chords, lacking originality. That’s a problem for other musicians, they get ignored for their creativity because of other artists using these so-called chords.

But somehow it always comes down to the song’s impact to us. Songs that makes us happy or excited. The only sad thing about these chords is that they (obviously) are re-used over and over again. What will happen to the future of music if things are not changing?


Well, music is still subjective. We don’t have to base the quality of a song just by the amount of chords a musician is using. A good song will always be a good song. It all comes down to personal taste.


As far as this can get, we have to admit that we always have liked the easy way (on almost everything). Using these chords defines the easiest way playing our favorite song on any instruments, and that’s a good thing  – cause even if you’re not that talented, basically you can use these for your own enjoyment.


If you have payed attention in this video, the chords are D, A, Bm and G.