The 5 Best Rock Songs To Represent The 60s’

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The 1960s: Classic Rock’s Era

It’s always going to be difficult to choose the best rock songs from the 60s, because of the reason that there are tons of rock music produced during those times, and each band from the 60s output were all representing what is now known to be “Classic Rock.” Not because they are Classic but because they change and revolutionized music for what it is, and below are a few examples that simply represents the era that we love.


Paint It Black – The Rolling Stones

This defines 60’s classic rock music and deserves to be in this list.


Sunshine of Your Love – Cream

Guitar riff is sweet, and Cream was an incredible band. Cream’s output for rock music was just one of the best ones, especially Sunshine of Your Love.


Light My Fire – The Doors

Innovative song for its time; Beatles said “All you need is Love,” and what a better response for that is Jim’s “Come On Baby Light My Fire.”


All Along the Watchtower – The Jimi Hendrix Experience

No one could have ever done what Jimi did with his guitar in the 1960s.


Hey Jude – The Beatles

Beatles’ landmark song, the best song from the best band of the ’60s, and arguably the best band of all time.