The 5 Greatest Rock Tracks Of 1975

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It is time to delve into the section of the best songs of the absolutely spectacular 1975, where some of the great giants in the history of Rock dominated the music scene with an iron fist, creating some of the best works and leaving monumental masterpieces for generations to come:


5. Catch The Rainbow – Rainbow (Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow)

Rainbow’s debut album, “Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow”, was recorded, one of the seminal works of heavy metal. The band has a more interesting rock history and works almost like a family tree of heavy sound in the 70s. The album included the 17 minutes classic “Catch The Rainbow.”


4. Walk This Way – Aerosmith

A rock song with a strong voice by Steven Tyler gave Aerosmith a “Walk This Way”, which undoubtedly showed signs of absolute talent and not only being pigeonholed with a hit or two at best. Demonstrating why they were the “Bad Boys from Boston.”


3. Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd’s creative ability, philosophical compositions, and sound full of experimentation made the band one of the most acclaimed in rock history. “Wish You Were Here” is one of the most beautiful songs that rock has given us. It was inspired and created by a much-deserved tribute to the soul and creator of the group: Syd Barrett.


2. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

When Elton John first heard “Bohemian Rhapsody” he was not convinced: “They are very crazy,” he went on to say. It seemed like a misunderstood single, an emotional delirium by Freddie Mercury that gave him to mix rock, ballad, and opera in one piece. Included in the 1975 album ‘A Night at The Opera’, Bohemian Rhapsody broke all the schemes by revolutionizing the musical genre.

1. Kashmir – Led Zeppelin

One of Led Zeppelin’s most iconic songs is “Kashmir” from their sixth album Physical Graffiti, released in 1975. The song’s name is a reference to the eponymous region of northern India. Epistemologically the word means “land devoid of water”. The history of this region is marked by conflicts and tensions. Disputed by India and Pakistan, it has been the target of terrorism and wars, as well as independence protests by its inhabitants.