The 5 Most Difficult AC/DC Guitar Solos Made

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Dressed in his usual school uniform and with an enviable vitality for any person, it must be recognized that Angus Young’s work as a guitarist is probably one of the most important in rock history.

He’s not particularly virtuous, but he makes up for it with catchy riffs and guitar solos that roam the minds of every rock lover, and below we set ourselves the task of making a collection of The 5 Most Difficult AC/DC Guitar Solos Made:

Whole Lotta Rosie

We all recognize him for his wild and energetic movements on stage and his characteristic student uniform, Young reached 96th spot of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time with the help of Whole Lotta Rosie.


Young doesn’t normally perform with a lot of technical flashes, but with Thunderstruck he proceeds with a bluesier approach and an expected solo that somehow succeeds to fit right in, for one of the best and most chilling tracks of AC/DC.

You Shook Me All Night Long

You Shook Me All Night Long showcases Young’s compelling riff and solo that gives off his definitive sound and guitar phrasing. With a set of bends, staccato notes, and squeals before going all out blues.

Back In Black

This is a vast download of fast-paced notes and phrases from rock n roll and hard rock blues. More than just a solo, it is an electric journey that transports us to the debauchery that translates into many notes played at full speed, while Angus performs his duck-step dance on the stage, shirtless, shorts with suspenders, and with a Gibson guitar. SG in wood and red.

Let There Be Rock

Let There Be Rock “is also a classic of the band’s live sets, in which Angus Young’s solo often stretches for 10 minutes circling the stage. Apparently, things got just as intense on the stage studio, where Angus’s amp is said to have exploded while recording this track.