The 5 Musical Milestones Of The Beatles That Made Them Rock Legends

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John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr have been the most important musical phenomenon since the sixties, they revolutionized music and put soundtracks to a moment of social change of the first order. The musical legacy, the almost unbeatable records and the full validity of their work keep the phenomenon and we are going to relive The 5 Musical Milestones Of The Beatles That Made Them Rock Legends:

The Help Of Brian Epstein And George Martin

Brian and George are the active protagonists in the Beatles’ whole story; Brian polished them, gave them image, disciplined them to achieve their objective, and organized the business network so that all of this would bear fruit. George Martin, their producer, enriched their music, aroused in them the concern for new forms, and was an essential help to achieve brilliance and avant-garde.


The Sweet Charm of Simplicity: Please Please Me.

In the 1950s and early 1960s, albums compiled previously released singles or EP’s that were supplemented by additional themes to define the repertoire. Thus, after Love Me Do, they had to create more songs to lead them to success. Please Please Me appeared at the last moment. It was in early 1963 when the album was released, they peaked at number two on the best-seller lists.


The Beginning Of The Phenomenon: Beatlemania

the Beatles continue releasing single records: From Me to You (April 1963), She loves you (August 1963) and I Want to Hold Your Hand (November 1963) are responsible for the American and world explosion of Beatlemania. Never before has an English or European group achieved such a human and media reception. 


The Improvement Of The Band: A Hard Day’s Night And Beatles For Sale.

Following in the footsteps of Elvis Presley, Brian Epstein decided to make movies and opted for Richard Lester who made a dignified and fun film that was almost as successful as the album A Hard Day’s Night. This is a transformation album with songs certainly similar to previous albums like Can’t Buy Me Love or I Should Have Known Better.

Between tour and tour and just five months later the quartet surprised with a new album: Beatles For Sale. Although they already wanted to be the authors of their entire repertoire, there was no time and they had to borrow some success from others. Despite being a time trial album, it incorporates great songs such as Eight Days A Week, Words Of Love, and I’ll Follow The Sun that was written by Paul at the age of 16.


The Magical Mystery Tour

After an effort and a success of the caliber of Sgt. Pepper’s, the Beatles, who made Strawberry Fields forever the first video clip in pop history, decided to experience the multimedia era through a film for TV, Magical Mystery Tour. Possibly the best is its soundtrack that featured The Fool On The Hill and I Am The Walrus. That double EP transformed into an album was completed with Strawberry Fields Forever, Penny Lane, and All You Need Is Love.