The 5 Saddest Aerosmith Songs

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Aerosmith Had Some Emotions Too

Steven Tyler has battled many struggles in life, especially his addiction, enduring it for many years. Most of his battles he turned them into a song. They were extremely heartfelt and had some meaningful lyrics and most definitely one of Aerosmith’s best ballads.

When you listen to their lyrics and knowing the backstory, they are absolutely heart wrenching songs.


You See Me Crying

A power-ballad which shows the genuine ache of Steven Tyler, especially with the line “Please say you’ll stick around.”



Full-packed emotion song written by Steven Tyler referencing his long battle with addiction


Janie’s Got A Gun

The song’s backstory will definitely hit you right in the heart.


I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

If you ever saw the Armageddon film, then this indeed’s one of Aerosmith saddest song.



It doesn’t sound very sad, but if you interpreted the lyrics, then it gets sadder.