The 7 Bob Seger Songs We Can’t Forget

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Bob Seger Engraved His Name On Rock’s History

Bob Seger, when he debuted with his band Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band they became a staple on album-oriented rock radio stations. Almost most of his songs were radio-friendly and are hard to forget cause that’s how great they were. 

Seger’s music still continues rotating in every classic rock radio to date, and below are the 7 Bob Seger Songs We Can’t Forget:

1. Travelin’ Man

From the album Beautiful Loser released in 1975, Seger brought another beautifully done masterpiece. The song is good road music that’s why it’s one of Seger’s most played song on the radio.


2. Hollywood Nights

Released in 1978 as the second single on his album  Stranger in Town. The track reached No. 12 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and one of Bob Seger’s most recognized songs. 


3. Night Moves

The lead single for his album Night Moves released in 1976. Few weeks after its release the single reached number four on the Billboard Hot 100 becoming Seger’s first hit single since “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man” from 1969. Night Moves indeed brings Sweet sweet sweet memories.


4. Who Do You Love

One of Seger’s songs that turned every Seger fans into his fans was his rockin’ versions of Bo Diddley’s “Who Do You Love.” Released as one of the tracks from his album 1972 album Smokin’ O.P.’s. The song depicts of how seriously a classic this was, and a reason why Seger is hard to forget.


5. Feel Like a Number

Released in 1978 on his album Stranger in Town. The song has a personal significance for every listener, describing a working-class people. Unforgettable, in terms of lyrics, and the very essence of Bob Seger characteristic as a person.


6. Her Strut

Released on his 1980 album Against the Wind. The song was inspired by feminist icon Jane Fonda who’s strongly against women discrimination. But you can’t deny the sexy lyrics of the song, it’s not objectifying but rather describing a confident sexy woman.


7. Turn The Page

Arguably the most unforgettable song of Bob Seger. Released on his Back in ’72 album, though one of his best, it never reached any top charts. The song remains as the mainstay of album-oriented rock radio stations (AOR). And constantly remembered as well for the cover of Metallica.