7 Psychedelic Songs From Pink Floyd

via @Zoe Tsolaki | Youtube

Pink Floyd Doesn’t Just Touch Your Soul – It Touches Your Mind As Well

Pink Floyd was best known for creating such chill music, they were all talented artists and composers – and each track will lead you to a trans preparing you into a different dimension, and there’s no greater feeling than it. 

Here are the 7 songs why Pink Floyd established themselves as a trippy band. 

7. Brain Damage

A perfect song when chilling out on the bonfire at night and staring at the stars. The most amazing part of the song is the way the band conveys the whole concept of human emotion, not just with the lyrics, but with its instrumentation as well. The song is indeed relaxing.

6. See Emily Play

So slow that it transports you into another dimension. The song was written by Syd Barret, and keep in mind, without Barret, there would be no Floyd – so the song deserves more recognition. 

5. On the Run

It may not be one of Pink Floyd’s best, but the way they use synthesizers and sound mixing and editing – it surely is the best psychedelic tracks we have enjoyed from them. The song, as the title suggests, you’re on the run like on a journey through space, which makes it a brilliant trippy song. 

4. Arnold Layne

We don’t know what was going on with Syd’s mind when he wrote the song, he simply had a strange hobby – Arnold Layne is so trippy, that you can play it hundreds of times within a day and never gets boring.


3. Julia Dream

One of Floyd’s most relaxing song, it’s soft and beautiful. The song is very different from their later stuff, and it’s a must-listen. Sadly, the song never made it on an album that led it to become an underrated piece. 

2. Echoes

“Echoes” being a 23-minute song, it will stay with you forever. It defines what Pink Floyd is really all about and without it, there wouldn’t probably be Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, or The Wall. A total enjoyable trippy masterpiece!

1. Comfortably Numb

Admit, every listen, it brings you into a trance – that’s why it’s one of Pink Floyd’s best songs. The song makes you feel like you are really stoned even you haven’t tried any substance in your life, and why is that? It’s because of David Gilmour – the song epitomizes why Gilmour was one of the best guitarists of all time.