The AC/DC Guitar Riff That Started 80s Rock

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After the worldwide smash of “Highway to Hell” and soon after the tragic death of Bon Scott, it was hard to believe that the band would be able to raise its head. And in what way did they do it.

“Back in Back” is the band’s best-selling album. After the death of frontman Bon Scott in strange circumstances and after a period of uncertainty, the band decides that it is time to look for a replacement for Bon, who left a long shadow.

It was not an easy task, but I think the “lumberjack” Brian Johnson hit the mark. Gather great charisma, good pose on stage, and a high-pitched, heartbreaking voice. It’s funny, but while Bon was alive he was already praising Johnson, who at that time was leading a not very successful Geordie band.

They repeat the formula that they obtained so much success with “Let There Be Rock” and “Highway to Hell” … very rock riffs, loaded with dynamite, very crisp guitar sounds, a rhythmic base that walks like a locomotive … all well mixed.

At the end of April 1980, “Back in Black” was released, an album that would become a hard rock legend not only because of its tremendous songs and because it would mark the career of the Australian band AC / DC for posterity. . The album would also become the third best-selling album in the history of music over the years, with more than 50 million units in its various formats, preceded by Michel Jackson’s “Thriller” and “Dark Side of the Moon. By Pink Floyd, in that order.

Watch the video below where a YouTuber explains how Back In Black changed the history of rock and roll forever.