The Best Rock Covers Of The 70s

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Opinionated Best!

Nothing ‘Offical,’ but we compiled and ranked these remakes of the ’70s due to their lasting popularity among classic rock fans, and their influence, as well as their significance in the culture.

1. Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone – The Undisputed Truth (1972) | The Temptations (1972)

If this isn’t perfect then it’s close to the original.

2. Wild Horses – The Flying Burrito Brothers (1970) | The Rolling Stones (1971)

The song definitely has a special meaning for the Stones that’s why they did a cover of it.

3. Me And Bobby McGee – Roger Miller (1969) | Janis Joplin (1971)

Roger Miller made the song, Janis made it more famous.

4. Black Magic Woman – Fleetwood Mac (1968) | Santana (1970)

It’s more indeed popular than Fleetwood’s original version.

5. You Really Got Me – Kinks (1964) | Van Halen (1978)

Ohh, wait, does this fit with Van Halen? But man, this is good.

6. You’re No Good – Dee Dee Warwick (1963) | Linda Ronstadt (1974)

Any song Linda Ronstadt sings can make it as if she owns it.

7. Oye Como Va – Tito Puente (1963) | Santana (1970)

The song was indeed a bomb, thanks to Santana’s rendition.

8. Cocaine – J. J. Cale (1976) | Eric Clapton (1977)

Many think this is Clapton’s, but surely, his version is the best, and he loves Coke back in the day, so it fits him.

9. Proud Mary – Creedence Clearwater Revival (1969) | Ike & Tina Turner (1970)

She definitely created a new ambiance for the song.

10. The Loco-Motion – Little Eva (1962) | Grand Funk Railroad (1974)

It was an early 60’s dance hit but Grand Funk Railroad made it truly different for the WONDERFUL era of the 70s.