The Best Songs From The Albums “Led Zeppelin” to “Led Zeppelin IV”

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They Are Arguably The Greatest Band Ever

Led Zeppelin is considered the greatest because of their musical and social influences – and their inner circle friendships make them stand out among other greats. There’s not a lot to tell about Led Zeppelin that hasn’t already been said before.

Led Zeppelin was considered the Best Rock and Roll Band very early at the very start of their career, they were selling out almost each shows they appeared at.

There are many factors that can define what greatness is, and Led Zeppelin has all of them. They did not advertise, and even little interviews or none. They released no singles, they had 9 complete albums on the top ten charts, and Jimmy Page pioneered the independent recording artist platform.

The thing about them is that they managed to come into their own, that millions of artists could have never done.
And their finest works are Led Zeppelin I to IV. We look back and see the best songs from these albums.

Led Zeppelin I

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Dazed And Confused


Good Times Bad Times


Communication Breakdown


Led Zeppelin II

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The Lemon Song


Whole Lotta Love


Ramble On


Led Zeppelin III

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Immigrant Song


Since I’ve Been Loving You


Bron-Y-Aur Stomp


Led Zeppelin IV

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When The Levee Breaks

Rock And Roll


Black Dog


Stairway To Heaven