The Best Songs From The Kingsmen

via @Angel E Prieto | Youtube

America’s Greatest Party Rock Band!

The garage rock band from Portland were formed in 1958 and managed to release one of the best song ever recorded in the history of music, Richard Berry’s “Louie Louie” (which, of course, their top 1 in this list) – it stayed at the No. 2 spot on the Billboard charts for six weeks and has become a timeless classic.

Below are some of their best hits, and top charting songs.

1. Louie Louie

The funny thing about this song, the FBI spent two and a half years investigating the “dirty” lyrics, and there was nothing at all.

2. The Jolly Green Giant

Silly lyrics, but of course, you can still jam to it!

3. Money

Five white rock musicians playing a Motown’s classic song, wouldn’t you call that awesome?

4. Death Of An Angel

It was indeed a hot summer night for the Kingsmen, but they still rocked it with this song.


5. Little Latin Lupe Lu

Probably this was the song that inspired Mick Jagger to do the dirty dance – a grungy fantastic song.

6. Annie Fanny

Admit it, you used to dance to this one with your partner.

7.1 The Climb + The Waiting

One of their top songs, it had entered the chart on May 2nd until its last day on June 23rd, 1965.

8. Killer Joe

This song will remind you that the past was indeed a blast! Classic rock’s era surely is the best.

9. Week End

The instrumental on this one surely brings back some memories.