The Best Underrated Songs Of The 70s

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The Era Of Great Music!

The 70s’ was full of great music, sadly some of them were overlooked and ended up to be underrated. Despite them being somewhat forgotten, they still one of the best of 1970s music.

We look back at “The Best Underrated Songs Of The 70s.”

1. Remember – Free (1970)

You’re lucky if you have been listening to this since it was new.

2. Never Say Die – Black Sabbath (1978)

Totally underrated, and Bill Ward on this was such a boss.

3. Black Coffee – Humble Pie (1973)

Steve Marriot really was a great artist and this is indeed one of his best.

4. Green Grass and High Tides – Outlaws (1975)

When music was played by great talents, this was one of them.

5. Pictures of Home – Deep Purple (1972)

The song that is best of everything, and we don’t understand why it was underrated during those times.