The Corporate Conspiracy That Destroyed Rock Music In The 1990’s

They Did Try Their Best

There appeared to be a corporate conspiracy to destroy rock n’ roll in 1990’s. Back in the early 80’s, rock music was replaced by “new wave” music, but much of the music enthusiasts weren’t having it. American youth during that time started buying metal records and started to support college rock bands like U2 and REM, and by the late 80s rock music became a mainstream pop music once again.

But rock music became too corporate by the late 80’s and the early 90’s. Whether it was “Glam Metal” or “Grunge,” it was all the same and became too formulated. Each of these formulas handled by the corporates past its peak and new rock artists wasn’t allowed to enter the music scene, and instead, the industry preferred to promote something they thought would be much safer and more manageable; Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, and the Spice Girls were born. We can all hate hair metal for what its worth but those pop music weren’t any better. What more horrific is that even up to this day we are still suffering from it, — all that dancing pop group and Spears-like artist, and all that Bieber and stuff, they are still haunting us.

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Music Industry at the time was like any other corporations they always seek to eliminate the risk. Controlling those who they manage, dictating who writes the songs, who produces the recordings, and of course, who gets to be the artist and who can be famous. It always gives them predictable results: “MONEY.”

During those times there has been plenty of rock artists writing original pieces and creative music and breaking new grounds, but sadly, most of us never ever had the chance to hear them.

The good news is, whatever conspiracy shit they can come up with, they can never kill Rock N’ Roll! There are still younglings writing rock music today as you read this now. And one of them will eventually become rock legends, and the rest will just become another “Rock N’ Roll” history!