The Cover Versions Of “Imagine By John Lennon

via @Cal Vid | Youtube

Are There Better Versions Of John Lennon’s Classic Imagine?

What you’re about to watch in the video available below are some of the best covers of the John Lennon classic Imagine. A song that encourages the world to imagine peace without worry, the divisions of religion, and race. Imagine is a song that gives positive vibes, and the possibility of making the whole world a better place to live and leading humanity to live unattached to material obsessions.

Many artists tried to cover John Lennon’s classic throughout the years, and some of these are the best voices in music we’ve ever heard. These are the artists who paid their tribute to the great John Lennon, and the song indeed have had an influence and impact on these people’s lives and careers.

Some of the best musicians who have covered it to date are – Davina Michelle, Queen,  Chris Cornell, Eva Cassidy, and A Perfect Circle to list a few.

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