The Events After Roger Waters Left Pink Floyd

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Before we can understand what were the events after Roger Waters left the band, we look back behind the reasons why he left in the first place.

We all knew that he was the main focal point of the band, and was the creative engine during with Dark Side of the Moon – starting from there to Wish You Were Here and The Wall. He had more calls and had more shots than the rest, he wrote most of the music and lyrics — and The Wall was his pride and joy more than his band.

Waters grew prideful and excessive over the control over the band – he even had R. Wright ousted from the band during the recording sessions of The Wall: even if Wright knew this was coming.

During the period of those 4 albums, it became clearer the Waters was in control and proved that he was the most prolific writer amongst the other Floyd members. At the time when they went to record The Final Cut, David Gilmour never contributed a single song, making it essentially a solo album for Waters. Gilmour got fed up but also admitted that he didn’t have the same work ethic that Gilmour had.

Everything that had happened between the 4-album period resulted in a frayed relationship – Waters left the band to establish a solo career following The Final Cut album, and his departure in 1985 mark the end of the Pink Floyd era.

After which, he sued his former Pink Floyd bandmates in the mid-Eighties over the use of the group’s name, he took Gilmour and Nick Mason to the court in 1986 preventing them to use the band’s name – and that prompted even more stray with their relationship and it was an ugly image for them in the pres.

But soon, he regretted suing his former bandmates saying, ‘I was wrong’ to sue bandmates, singer and bassist.’

And on July 2 of 2005, fans have long been waited for happened – the Pink Floyd Reunion. The former bandmates performed together once more as Pink Floyd at the London Live 8 concert with Roger Waters rejoining David Gilmour, Nick Mason, and Richard Wright.

Keep going for their epic reunion performance of Comfortably Numb below: