The False Lover Of Freddie Mercury — Picture Surfaces

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Secret Lover Revealed

A Queen Fan Page on Instagram called the Freddie Mercury Club posted a bunch of rare photos of Barbara Valentin and Freddie Mercury.

Not only that, but they also posted some of the common stories of Freddie Mercury and Barbara Valentin.
The earlier article of The Daily Mirror sited that Barbara was Freddie’s, secret love.

Below is what she had to say about Freddie:

“Another time I was flirting with someone and Freddie slapped me. But to me that slap was like a bunch of roses. Yes, it was strange and different.

But then our relationship was hard to understand. I was never jealous of his affairs as such. I always spent much longer with him that with anyone else.”

Here’s what the Fan Page has to say about their secret relationship:

“According to Peter Freestone: “Freddie & Barbara had a lot in common including a mutual sense of fun. Freddie loved Barbara’s straightforwardness although unlike Freddie, Barbara expected to be treated like a star whenever she was out in public.”
They did buy a flat together in Munich but “Freddie never actually lived there.”

“Being a star she could understand what Freddie went through in his day-to-day life. In Freddie’s last year, however, he shunned her because more and more articles were appearing in the German press’s gossip columns about the relationship between him and Barbara. After one article claiming to know of him and Barbara getting married, Freddie decided that enough was enough and it was concluded Barbara was providing the information for the gossip columnist.”

Barbara was also known among Freddie’s friends as an annoying, poisonous & manipulative woman who because of her own waning fame and stardom was hitching her fortunes to Freddie’s. Understandably she wasn’t invited to Freddie’s funeral.”

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