The First 10 Songs You Need To Listen To Love 80’s Rock n’ Roll

The Guideline For The 80s Rock N’ Roll Music

There is no such thing as “greatest song.” You may not like what I listen to or love what I hated, because music is pretty much subjective. But if you like to explore, then I will not get into songs that are the best ones (according to my taste), — but I will give you the first “10” songs you need to hear in order for you to love the 80s ROCK SCENE. These songs will certainly get hooked on to them, and make you wished that you’re back in the 80s.


10. Alone – Heart

If you want to witness one of the best women in ROCK N’ ROLL ever (Ann Wilson), you should listen to this 80s classic. One of the songs from the 80s that took us by the heart.


9. Sharp Dressed Man – ZZ Top

If you want to know how “SHARP” 80s people looked like, then this song definitely says it all.


8. Pour Some Sugar on Me – Def Leppard

Sure, it’s sort of a “without a meaning” kind of song, but it’s definitely “a must hear” classic of 80s cheese. Just remember, STRIPPER POLE is OPTIONAL.


7. Jump – Van Halen

There are a lot of reasons why Jump could make you love the 80s so much, — Eddie Van Halen, David Lee Roth, and Eddie Van Halen, (did I say that already?) Okay, that’s all of them.


6. One – Metallica

One amazing thing about Metallica is they can go mainstream fearlessly and can still throw down heavy tunes, and “ONE” is just one best example of it. Metallica surely ruled the 80s, and this song is one evidence of it.


5. Another One Bites the Dust – Queen

Yeah, this one was kind of a bit weird, but anytime and anywhere Another One Bites the Dust will get you the nostalgia. You might also want to include this one into your personal Top 10 Queen songs.


4. Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey

The 80s rock music scene would have never been completed if we’re not going to include this masterpiece on this list. I don’t care if this is the most REPETITIVE Journey music of all-time, but it’s A TOTAL 80s CLASSIC!


3. Tom Sawyer – Rush

With this song, RUSH definitely took it to another level, they’ve pushed the boundaries too far. Tom Sawyer is just AWESOME!


2. Back In Black – AC/DC

The song that took the AC/DC to INTERNATIONAL STARDOM — I know, it will never be the same without Bon Scott, but Brian Johnson did something never could (but he might have, of course).


1. Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns N’ Roses

THE BABY BOOMERS, THE CHILDREN, AND THE GRANDCHILDREN definitely know this one! Sweet Child O’ Mine completed the 80s ROCK MUSIC SCENE. Without it, the 80s would have definitely SUCKED!