The Girls In Mick Jagger’s Life Through The Years

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One of the perks of being a rock star is having lots of relationships throughout your career. Mick Jagger is one of them. We list the Girls In Mick Jagger’s Life Through The Years below:


#1 Chrissie Shrimpton

1963 to 1966. Her sister Jean left a great legacy, but Chrissie Shrimpton was also a model in her own right. She was Mick Jagger’s muse for three years in the early days of the Stones. It was the time when The Stones were becoming superstars. They ended badly, and Shrimpton later said he tried to commit suicide because of his affairs with other women.


#2 Marianne Faithfull

1966 to 1970. Marianne Faithfull was born in London, England on December 29, 1946, she is a British singer and actress. Daughter of Major Robert Glynn Faithfull and Eva von Sacher-Masoch. Among his ancestors on the maternal side, the Austrian writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch stands out, author of the classic work The Venus of the Skins, his surname Masoch being the inspirer of the term masochism. As such, Marianne Faithfull is heir to the noble title of the Sacher-Masoch family, as baroness. In addition to being one of the most beautiful artists of the 60s, Marianne Faithfull -who had an affair with Mick Jagger between 1966 and 1970- was also one of the most irreverent of the moment, therefore, during her relationship with the singer of the Rolling Stones, she had no regrets in sharing a night of passion with her bandmate Keith Richards, an evening that the singer remembers as one of the best of her life.


#3 Anita Pallenberg

1968. Anita Pallenberg was born on January 25, 1944, in Rome, Italy, she is a model, actress and fashion designer. Muse of rockers in the 60s and 70s together with Marianne Faithfull.

She is famous for having been the girlfriend of two Rolling Stones guitarists: first Brian Jones from 1965 to 1967, and then she was a partner of Keith Richards from 1967 to 1980, with whom she had three children: Marlon (1969, whose name was in honor of Marlon Brando, a friend of the couple), Dandelion Angela (1972) and Tara Jo Jo (03-26-1976 – 06-06-1976), whose death due to sudden death at the age of just three months started the crisis between their parents .


#4 Marsha A. Hunt

1969 to 1970. For a few months, Marsha Hunt was his black muse. Then the mother of his first daughter, Karis. The leader of the ‘Rolling’, Mick Jagger, abandoned them. Mick, then 25, first took notice of that dark 22-year-old passion when he saw the media magnify the scandal of his full nude in “Hair.” It was the cover of ‘Vogue America’; it was considered the image of the racial movement that claimed the beauty of blackness. That is why they asked him to pose for the album cover of the Rolling Honky Tonk Woman album. She refused.


#5 Uschi Obermaier

1969 to 1970. Uschi Obermaier was born on September 24, 1946, in Munich, alias Chrissi Malberg. is a former model and actress. Along with others, she is the protagonist of the left movement in Germany in 1968. She is considered a sexual icon symbol of the so-called “generation of 1968” and is considered the Hippie goddess of the sexual revolution. Obermaier was probably the best-known German groupie of the 1960s. She was briefly a member of the band Amon Düül, and is said to have had romances with Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, and Jimi Hendrix.


#6 Bianca Jagger

1970 to 1979. Jagger has been married twice. His first wife was a young Nicaraguan, whose maiden name was Bianca Pérez-Mora Macias, whom he married on May 12, 1971 in Saint-Tropez (France). On October 21 of that same year, their second daughter Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger was born – the first is Karis Hunt Jagger, daughter of actress Marsha Hunt – and 9 years later the couple divorced. Bianca went on to say about this relationship that it ended on their wedding day. The marriage was always surrounded by rumors about adultery on his part: a year before divorcing he began a relationship with what would be his second wife, Jerry Hall.


#7 Jerry Hall

1990 to 1999. Jerry Hall was born on July 2, 1956, in Gonzales, Texas, a model and actress best known for having been the partner or wife of Mick Jagger (the two were married in Bali in November 1990, but the legal validity of marriage has since been questioned). Jerry began a secret affair with Jagger when she was engaged to Bryan Ferry. As a result of this, Ferry wrote several songs like “Kiss and Tell” and “Cry, Cry, Cry.” Some believe that Ferry’s album “The Bride Stripped Bare” was a documentary of the singer’s feelings about his breakup with Hall.

She has written her autobiography, titled “Jerry Hall’s Tall Tales,” published in 1985. In this book, she describes her early life in Mesquite, Texas. She also recounts her experiences as a young model, living a fabulous life in Paris.


#8 Carla Bruni

1991 to 1994. Eric Clapton who in 1991 was dating the then 23-year-old model, Carla Bruni. “Please not with this Mick, I think I’m in love,” Clapton pleaded.

But as the days went by, the clandestine affair between the bad boy and the former first lady of France was inevitable. This was not an impediment for the singer of the Rolling Stones to marry in Bali with who is now the mother of his children, Jerry Hall.

When their third daughter, Georgia May Jagger, was born, Mick escaped with Bruni to Phuket denying everything to the press.


#9 Luciana Gimenez

1998 to 1998. His love affair with Brazilian Luciana Morad sparked his divorce from Jerry Hall. With her she had her youngest son, Lucas. That Mick Jagger had a child with the Brazilian model Luciana Giménez became a global scandal because Rolling Stone refused to acknowledge his paternity until DNA tests left him no choice.

After her path crossed with that of the rocker briefly, Luciana moved on with her life and married in August 2006 with the owner of the television network RedeTV !, Marcelo de Carvalho, with whom she had her son Lorenzo


#10 L’Wren Scott

2001 to 2014. Since 2001, he began dating the fashion designer L’Wren Scott, who on March 17, 2014 was found hanging by the neck of a scarf in her apartment in the New York neighborhood of Chelsea, the news was released in various parts of the world such as the death of Mick Jagger’s girlfriend, even though she herself expressed in life that she did not like to be known as anyone’s girlfriend. Mick Jagger woke up with painful news, and that is that his love for more than 13 years decided to take his own life on Monday, March 17, 2014. And although the rock singer became famous for casanova throughout his career, with L `Wren Scott lived moments of inspiration and work, so the designer will occupy a special place within their most stable relationships. Here is an account of rocker lovers who, like L’Wren, left their mark on their irreverent love life.


#11 Melanie Hamrick

2014. Mick Jagger, the father of seven children with four different women, grandfather of two granddaughters and one grandson, and great-grandfather of a great-grandson, persists as a man in love and always with a partner. His relationship with dancer Melanie Hamrick, with whom he has been 44 years old, has taken a step forward in recent weeks. Jagger and Melanie spent the New Year’s parties together at the musician’s house on the island of Mustique (Caribbean) and there Melanie was introduced to some of the seven children the rocker has had. Three months had not passed since the suicide and he was already hugging a young woman in a tank top, also wearing suspenders.