The Greatest Gregg Allman Songs

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He’s The Man!

The almighty Gregg Allman will always be remembered as the singer, songwriter, and keyboardist of the Allman Brothers Band.

In this list, you will see all of his Greatest songs during his journey as a solo artist and as part of the Allman Brothers Band.

Keep going for the list below:

10. Floating Bridge

To listen to this again and again will definitely make you happy.

9. Soulshine

The song that will help you to get through to all your struggles every day.

8. Don’t Mess Up a Good Thing

He took it and made it as his own.

7. Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More

He didn’t waste time and kicked some ass!

6. I’m No Angel

The music that touches the heart and strengthens your soul.

5. Not My Cross to Bear

The blues don’t get any better than this song!

4. Melissa

He wrote this song when he was 20 years old, and if you listen to it you’ll be able to understand what kind of a person Gregg was.

3. Dreams

The song that will give you goosebumps until the end of it.

2. Whipping Post

He gave his everything for the betterment of music.

1. Midnight Rider

The real vibes on this one!