The Greatest Songs Of 1982

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1982: It Had Plenty For Everyone

These are some of the most notable music of 1982, a year where Madonna made her debut and almost dominated the music scene. Thanks to these songs rock music didn’t turn out dead (yet) and gave us something to listen to.

We look back at “The Greatest Songs Of 1982.”

1. Jack & Diane – John Cougar

This is one of those reasons why the 1980s had some great memories.

2. Back on the Chain Gang – The Pretenders

It will make you feel that little bit of melancholy – it’s indeed a classic rock song.

3. Atlantic City – Bruce Springsteen

The boss was always about his antics and love for America – he’s truly the Boss and will always be.

4. Hold Me – Fleetwood Mac

Christine was so underrated that she had to showcase her amazing talent on this one.

5. Shock the Monkey – Peter Gabriel

Stop the acid right here and now, and just listen to this song – it’s way better trip!