The Legacy Country Joe and the Fish Left Behind

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The Important Legacy They Left Behind!

Country Joe and the Fish were together only four short years, they have given incredible music with political stance and eclectic rock. They left an important legacy for the history of rock music.

“Largely forgotten as one of the giants of psychedelic rock, Country Joe and the Fish towered over their contemporaries….”

- Joel Selvin of MusicHound Rock

They release their debut, Electric Music for the Mind and Body in 1967, and still remains one of the definitive psychedelic albums of the ear, and their song “I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ to Die Rag” managed to inspire thousands of people to make a protest against the Vietnam War.

They were dubbed back in the late 1960s as one of the best psychedelic group alongside with Grateful Dead, Moby Grape, and Jefferson Airplane, and they headlined at the Avalon Ballroom and Fillmore Auditorium along with those aforementioned bands.

Country Joe and the Fish received their greatest recognition as one of the greats and we’re remembered for their incredible performance at Woodstock in 1969 and inclusion in the film, Woodstock.

The time when they released their debut, Electric Music for the Mind and Body in 1967, the album became one of the definitive psychedelic rock albums of the era.

“The record… documented perfectly their unique conglomeration of folk, blues, country and rock, It also gave evidence of their involvement with the San Francisco drug and hippie scene on the one hand and the radical political movement.”

- Marianne Ebertowski in the Marshall Cavendish History of Popular Music.

Members include Paul Armstrong (left group, 1966), washboard; Bruce Barthol (left group, 1969), bass; David Cohen (left group, 1969), keyboards; John Francis Gunning (left group, 1966), drums; Chicken Hirsh (left group, 1969), drums; “Country Joe” McDonald (born in 1942 in Washington, D.C.), guitar, vocals; Barry Melton, guitar; Mark Ryan (group member, 1968-69), bass.

Despite their short tenure in the history of rock music, Country Joe And The Fish’s legacy remains.