The Meaning Behind “You’ll Accomp’ny Me” Lyrics By Bob Seger

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A stop on the side of the road to discuss the relationship. The girl says under the starry sky that she has to go, but before letting her go our traveler says “Lady, one day you will accompany me”. “You’ll Accomp’ny Me, with its more party vibes, time to cut it down to a third, but not for long.

Included in his 11th studio album, Against The Wind. If you only heard the songs from Bob Seger’s “Against The Wind” LP that played on the radio, you probably have the wrong idea about the rest of the album. Those singles were something new for Seger, more polished country-rock songs (or maybe just country songs) than the ones he had done. The first impression was that Seger had grown up, mellowed out, and done all those things soul rockers weren’t supposed to do, including hanging out with the Eagles and other Los Angeles musicians. But appearances can be deceiving, because those impeccably crafted singles (“Fire Lake,” “You Accomp’ny Me” and the title track) are mixed with the hellish rock melodies of Seger’s peak commercial years.

According to Seger the song is about a “guy is just so courageous,” he said. “He’s saying this to the girl, ‘I know you’ve got to go do your thing but eventually, we’ll be together. I feel that strong and I know it in my soul.'”

“And there’s something really cool about that. I’ve felt that way. I know what that feels like and how courageous it is to say that,” Ballard added. “I love the confidence in that song.”

Completing the trio of ballads is his timeless “You’ll Accomp’ny Me.” Arranged as a country-soul ballad, it’s one of those songs that describes where Nashville’s country sound was going for decades to come. But one could also imagine that the song works just as well with a more dynamic treatment. As proof, there is a magnificent Cajun-style version (in French, with fiddle and accordion) that Kate and Anna McGarrigle recorded a few years later.

Listen to the song below: