The Most Iconic Rockstars In Rock History

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These rock stars had thrown down incredible music, and yet, what makes them a rock star is a bit undefinable, but their music speaks out.

They were really talented musicians, and I think wittier than everyone else. These iconic rock stars greatness is just infallible. Constantly growing, changing, and adapting what music evolution can throw at them which make them a true icon.


10. Chuck Berry

Rock n’ roll became rock n’ roll because of Chuck’s greatness.


9. Michael Balzary

You’re wondering who he is — he’s Flea of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and this list isn’t just for vocalists. Bass players can be rock stars too.


8. Pete Townshend

Above is a bassist, then here we have a lead guitarist. Pete Townshend sure has the status of a rock god.


7. Ann Wilson

Rock goddess, and yep. She’s a woman, and woman can be rock stars too.


6.Robert Plant

Every possible thing had been said to this guy, so what’s there to say?


5. John Lennon

Definitely rock n’ roll, but the untimely tragic death stopped 1 or more greatness he could possibly make.


4. Paul McCartney

He definitely belongs anywhere as long as we’re talking about Legends.


3. Jimi Hendrix

One of the early members of the 27 Club, and like the others, he’s definitely a rock star.


2. David Bowie

Probably the most beautiful human being to ever live.


1. Elvis Presley

They don’t call him the King of Rock N’ Roll for nothing.