The Most Insane Stories In The Career Of The Eagles

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Who Knew?

One of the most best-selling bands of all time have some skeletons hidden in their closet, and who knew? Right? The Eagles were never known as a hard-partying band – they weren’t The Rolling Stones. The Eagles were always a soft rock band and relaxed as an ocean, and have painted incredible work of art in the history of music. We never ever expected them to have any kind of bad habits, drug addiction, not even backstage fights. But however, the reality is cruel, and the truth about them is incredibly insane.


Glenn Frey and Don Felder Fought Onstage During A Benefit Concert

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A rare case, the Eagles agreed on performing at Long Beach Arena as part of a fundraiser for Senator Alan Cranston. But not all the members had agreed on it.

Don Felder was against the fundraising show, and during the meet and greet Felder brushed off the senator, Frey loses it backstage, threw down a bottle of beer of and almost hit Felder’s head. Then, a smackdown happened, and it continued onstage.


The Eagles Partied Harder Than Black Sabbath In The Studio

The Eagles and Black Sabbath had shared studio space during the recording of Hotel California. And we know Ozzy had done a lot of crazy stuff, but nothing can beat the Eagles when it comes on the studio. According to Geezer Butler, when they (Black Sabbath) arrived at the studio, Don and Gleen had to scrape cocaine out of the mixing board — “they’d left about a pound of cocaine in the board.”


They Gave Joe Walsh A Chainsaw for His Birthday

Joe Walsh was given an interesting birthday present by manager Irving Azoff: a chainsaw.

Walsh explains the during an interview:

“One night we checked into a Holiday Inn and he [Azoff] and I were supposed to have connecting rooms. But we didn’t. So I started up the chainsaw and made my own door. And I walked through it and said, ‘Hey, we have connecting rooms now!”


Don Henley Was Arrested After A Prostitute Overdosed At His House

One of the dangerous habits of the Eagles is drugs, and as The Telegraph reported;

“The craziness included the arrest of drummer, songwriter and vocalist Henley in November 1979 after a naked 16-year-old prostitute suffered a drug overdose during a party at his home in LA.”

When the police arrived at the scene they managed to confiscate plenty of weed, coke, and quaaludes.

It was even Don Henley who dial up to 911, and the cops arrived, he was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.


The Eagles Did a Ton of Cocaine

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The band left a pound of cocaine during in the studio for Black Sabbath, but they still have even more to snort. Henley even has an explanation to make up for their bad habit; the coke was only their “writing tool.” Used for fueling up their recording sessions.