The Most Insane Things That Happened To Stevie Nicks

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The Reigning Queen of Rock and Roll

Stevie is indeed one of the greatest female voices in rock n’ roll and did achieve an undeniable success and fame.
What is Stevie Nicks in real life? You can say that she’s “MAGICAL.” But leaving a rock star life, she had her ups and downs too (while some are insane stories).

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1. She Loves Dancing

Ken Cailliat, the album engineer on their debut – he remembers that while he was mixing the song, Rhiannon, Stevie was dancing around the Studio and rarely stops.


2. The Bumps – A Pre-Show Ritual

Nick was never known as an abusive drug user (so-they-say), but she had her fair share of bumps during her first year in her career. She did some bumps because everyone in the band did a bump together before going onstage.


3. Stevie Nicks Burned A Hole In Her Nose

Nicks says she bought $1 million worth of cocaine, and that caused her to burn a hole the size of a dime in her nose.


4. Stevie Almost Died

She almost had a drug-overdosed during the 80s, not once, not twice, but countless times.


5. Lindsey Buckingham Assaulted Stevie Nicks Physically When He Learned That She Was Quitting The Band

The entire bandmembers met in Christine McVie’s house to talked about the issue, then the two ex-lovers had a screaming match that led in a “physically ugly” fight.