The Real Story Of Steven Tyler’s Kids

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Steven Tyler has a total of four children. His first child is Liv Rundgren Tyler, born by Bebe Buell, in July 1977. Tyler initially did not know that Liv was his daughter, as his mother claimed that the musician, Todd Rundgren, was her father. The truth, however, became known in 1991, and Tyler and Liv have developed a close relationship.

Actress Liv Tyler grew up without knowing who her father was, until, one day, when she was ten years old, she met the singer Steven Tyler (67) and his daughter, Mia, and realized that he was practically the same as her. When he returned home, he asked his mother, model Bebe Buell, and she confessed the truth. From that moment, father and daughter hit it off, worked together – the legendary Aerosmith video featuring young girls Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverston is pop history – and developed a great relationship. And that Buell told his daughter that he had kept him separated from his father because of drugs.

Liv Tyler is an actress and model. She has appeared in such films as The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Armageddon, The Incredible Hulk, and A Night at Mc Cools. Liv has a total of three children, namely MiloWilliam, Sailor Gene, and Lula Rose. The first child is from her marriage to the British musician, Royston Langdon. Her second and third children are from her long-term relationship with British sports and entertainment manager David Gardener.

Steven Tyler’s second child is Mia Tyler, born by his first wife, Cyrinda Foxe. Mia has many talents as an actress, model, author, visual artist, fashion designer, and talent manager. She also has a son named Axton with her boyfriend, Dan Halen.

Steven Tyler also has a daughter, named Chelsea, and a son, named Taj, from his second marriage to Teresa Barrick. Chelsea is a budding musician and sings with the EDM blues band, Bad bad, while Taj is a retired actor. The four Tyler children maintain a close relationship despite their complicated genealogy.

Steven Tyler is your quintessential rock star. In a career spanning five decades, the singer has released several multi-platinum albums as part of the famous rock band: Aerosmith. Tyler has also had a well-documented struggle with alcohol and drug addiction but has overcome his demons to become one of the greatest rock musicians ever.