The Simpsons Recreates Queen’s Live Aid Performance

via @punx doin stuff | Youtube

The new episode of The Simpsons aired October 6, features Queen, recreating their epic performance at the 1985 Live Aid concert at London’s Wembley Stadium.

Blabbermouth announced the news, promoting a shot of Homer Simpson dressed as Freddie Mercury along with a stadium full of crowds, including as well, the Simpsons characters such as Groundskeeper Willie, Moe, Carl, and Ranier Wolfcastle.

Queen’s Brian May also posted a link about the episode on his social media accounts. 

The original Live Aid Performance was also featured in the biopic film,  Bohemian Rhapsody.

The new Simpsons episode is titled “Go Big or Go Home,” and TV Guide’s describes the plot of the episode as: 

“Homer is demoted to supervising interns, among whom is go-getter millennial Mike, a 35-year-old who asks Homer to be his mentor. However, when Homer inspires Mike to start a business of his own, the two find themselves being chased by the mob.”