The Story Behind ‘I Walk The Line’ By Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two

via @Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum | YouTube

One of his most memorable songs, “I Walk The Line” depicts Johnny Cash’s morals and way of life. It was a commitment to live devoted to his first wife, Vivian Liberto, while on the road.

When Cash was 22 years of age he married Vivian on August 7, 1954; their daughter Rosanne was born 10 months later. Cash got a feeling of temptation later in 1955 when he engaged a contract with Sun Records. Releasing two singles for the label the same year and toured the label’s favorite, Elvis Presley, who drew a pack of female followers at every show. Cash penned “I Walk The Line” as a note to stay true, which appears was very hard to do. When the tune got released, he grew as a star instantly and was quickly wrapped in confusions and vice.

Continually touring, Cash was seldom home. In 1956 he met June Carter at the Grand Ole Opry; in the early ’60s, they began performing together and also aroused an affair. Vivian filed for divorce in 1966; and a year later it was finalized. The next two years, Cash and Carter got married. Both were together until June’s death in 2003.

This was a dramatic success for Johnny Cash, his first No. 1 Country number and also his first pop hit – it peaking at No. 17 on that tally.