The Story Behind “Mr. Blue Sky” By ELO

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A Must-Listen Song In This F–ked Up World!

The last track from the band’s album Out Of The Blue album also known as “Concerto For A Rainy Day.” It has uplifting content and follows the concept of a rainy day that will eventually end.

During Jeff Lynne’s BBC Radio interview, he talked about how he wrote the song; 

“It was dark and misty for two weeks, and I didn’t come up with a thing. Suddenly the sun shone and it was, ‘Wow, look at those beautiful Alps.’ I wrote ‘Mr. Blue Sky’ and 13 other songs in the next two weeks.”

Below is the Animated Music Version Of The Track:

Lynne has a thing for the “blue” color – other songs he wrote for ELO was “Out of the Blue” and “Midnight Blue.” The story behind this “blue” thingy was that Lynne is from Birmingham, England, and there is where the Birmingham Football Club (a soccer team) has a team called Birmingham Blues. “Mr. Blue Sky,” “Out of the Blue,” and “Midnight Blue” are all somewhat a tribute to his team.

Jeff Lynne surely love the song and was quite pleased on how it turned out;

“It captured what my vision of ELO was all about,” he said. “All the bits that come in and out, the backing vocals, the cellos sliding, all the little naughty bits, the sound effects, everything is exactly what I imagined ELO to be.”

– Quoted in Hi-Fi News & Record Review, 2014