The Story Behind ‘”We Can Work It Out”‘ By The Beatles

via @Beatles Bootlegs | YouTube

Paul McCartney penned the song about his sweetheart, an actress named Jane Asher. They two broke up in 1968.

Without a doubt, one of the great songs of The Beatles. Back in 1965, the 4 geniuses from Liverpool recorded and released their first double A-Side (during the Rubber Soul sessions). It was a double instead of a single, as there was no quorum between the members of the formation. John Lennon wanted to release Day Tripper as a single, while the rest of the line-up opted for We Can Work It Out. Finally, they were together on the same double disc. Two full-blown songs.

Time took John’s reason, laying it to the rest, since the second soon became an anthem of the band, while the first, has not progressed from being another great song of this enormous band. We Can Work It Out was written by Sir Paul McCartney, although in this case, it was not arranged unilaterally as usual, but had some astronomical collaboration of John Lennon, who added his magic touch to the song.

John Lennon’s part was the “life is very short” that he sang (which he also wrote); then McCartney did all the rest.