The Story Of A Fan Saving Keith Richards From Being Arrested

Keith Richards of 'The Rolling Stones' in January 1967.; (Photo by Monitor Picture Library/Photoshot/Getty Images)

Of all the places, Keith Richards may have a hard time forgetting Canada. The year was 1977, Canadian police found an ounce of heroin in Richards’s room, and the rocker awaited a long prison sentence, as the charges would also include drug trafficking. Much drama followed the incident.

Richards posted a bond and requested a special visa to allow him to undergo an addiction program in the United States. Richards later wrote in his memoirs “Life” that at his court hearings, “there were between five and six hundred people outside each time he appeared in court. , singing, ‘Free Keith, free Keith’ ”.

Not much of the case happened. According to CBC, Richards was released on a community service sentence, which he served by playing a benefit concert for the blind. Richards may have been lucky when one of his fans, Rita, pleaded on his behalf. However, the Toronto incident was not all. Over the years, Richards has been charged multiple times for drug use and possession, so much so that the French government had no choice but to exile him.

However, there was a reason behind Richards’ persistence with drugs, one that he claimed allowed him to use drugs more than other people. Classic Keith Richards.