The Story Of How Prince Predicted His Death

Prince, one of the greatest pop musicians of his generation, died at the age of 57 on April 21, 2016.

Did Prince know his end was near? It’s one of the questions on everyone’s lips in his hometown Minneapolis and in the music press. There were premonitory signs: discomfort in his private jet, a week before his death, due to the strong flu, then said his agent. But rumors spread and some were talking about an overdose of a very strong painkiller.

The visionary and multi-instrumentalist was reportedly treated for an opiate overdose six days before his death, claims celebrity news site TMZ.

He was hospitalized one night, then he was supposed to go home to rest, but he does just the opposite. He invites 300 people to party at Paisley Park, where he lives, and has built his recording studio complex. At midnight, he goes on stage, does not sing but plays for a long time on his new purple piano, reassures everyone, says that he was fine, but also adds “do not spoil your prayers, wait a few days”.

This sentence sounds like a prediction today and some of his relatives also say that Prince had started writing his memoirs only a few weeks ago before his death, he would have completed 50 pages. So was Prince ill? Did he kill himself? The rumors were rife.

Died at his Paisley Park studio, after being briefly hospitalized a few days with flu. He had just finished two shows in Atlanta the week before.