The Story Of John Lennon’s Very Expensive Mistake In The Playboy Mansion

via elvis316 / Youtube

In June 2016, the bunnies had to find another burrow after Hugh Hefner, founder of the magazine “Playboy” who died in 2017 at the age of 91, agreed to the sale of the homonymous mansion. Since he acquired it in 1971, the Playboy mansion was much more than Hefner’s home: a platform from which to feed the erotic dreams of several generations, an embarrassing exaggeration of the object woman, and a fascinating and infamous party at the same time.

Legend has it that there John Lennon blew out a cigarette in a Matisse painting and locked himself in a suite with eight girls at the same time in a crisis with Yoko Ono. A mansion where all of Hollywood has partied, from Kirk Douglas to Leonardo DiCaprio. But some of Bill Cosby’s alleged sexual abuse took place here too.

It has 29 rooms, a movie theater, a wine cellar, several swimming pools, and works of art of enormous value, such as the Matisse painting that John Lennon tried to set fire to in the 70s.

John Lennon almost got beaten up during the incident at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion – when he put out a cigarette on a priceless painting – his host was so angry while he try to put out his cigarette on a painting by French artist MATISSE.

Hefner said, “Lennon, misbehaved a little bit and a couple of my friends took exception to it. I didn’t witness it. I was elsewhere in the mansion. He put a cigarette out on a Matisse and one of my friends was gonna… But he had been drinking. I was a huge fan. He was under a tremendous amount of pressure, you know, from the government. They were strange times. And Lennon was one of my heroes.”