The Story Of The Album “Who Made Who” By AC/DC

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The soundtrack for Stephen King’s film “Maximum Overdrive” movie from 1986. It can be called as a small “Greatest Hits Album,” – only three songs are new here: “Who Made Who” with Angus pioneering guitar tapping, “D.T.”, a more or less insignificant instrumental, which serves as a filler, and the third and last new song in the album, “Chase The Ace” and is an average rocker.

In fact, more or less the soundtrack of the film “Maximum Overdrive” which includes a lot of known songs from the group augmented by three instrumentals composed specifically.

“It was an interesting thing,” Johnson told King. “It was the first time I’ve been involved in anything like that. The lads said it was a bit of moving mirror because they had to be watching the clips spot on.” Young added: “It certainly was different for us to work with film. It was also good to make a video for ‘Who Made Who,’ because you have the chance to put your own input into it.”

Back then it was an opportunity to offer the moderately interested fan the opportunity to buy a kind of “Greatest Hits” album with some new songs. The hype was great and the media reaction was violent. The sales figures weren’t that bad either. Nowadays there are better compilations and you don’t have to own this disc anymore.

Listen to the full album and watch Stephen King’s film “Maximum Overdrive” trailer below: