The Story Of The Crazy Conman Impersonating Two Members Of The Eagles

via @P Noe | YouTube

A cunning con man who’s real name is Lewis Peter “Buddy” Morgan has impersonated not one but two members of the group. His scam began in the mid-’80s as he basically tried to persuade people he was “also” the singer and drummer Don Henley in an attempt to experience the privileges of being a rockstar including free drinks, food, musical instruments, and women. 

Of course, Morgan’s con ended and he was arrested in Las Vegas in 1988. He was discharged on bail for $50,000 but he declined to attend his scheduled court appearance and soon became a wanted man. 

He would shortly ruin his life, and he wouldn’t learn anything about his experiences. Soon enough he would pretend to impersonate another member of the eagles.

The imposter unquestionably did his preparation. First, he selected a band sure to be popular by most of the people he marks. Simply about everyone has at least knew of the Eagles. Second, he impersonates the least-known member of the group, who left the band in the late 1970s. Fewer people would be so brave (or crazy) as to take the identities of his more widely-known bandmates — such as Don Henley, Joe Walsh, or Glenn Frey. 

By distinction, Meisner is nearly easy to impersonate. Third, other than old photos during the days when the Eagles were still together and producing hit records, essentially no one knows what the real Randy Meisner looks like (particularly now). Lastly, the imposter understands just quite about the group and its members to carry on a reasonable discussion about what it was like to once be a “rock star.”