The Story Of The Song “A Life of Illusion” By Joe Walsh

via @joewalshfans | Youtube

A Life Of Illusion is a song by Joe Walsh from 1981, this song is included in the album There Goes the Neighborhood.

The story behind the song is that life has always been good for Joe Walsh — but was it all an illusion? He thinks that life, sometimes, is nothing but an illusion, and when you start to embrace it, it hits you right back, and harder…

The track started out as an instrumental piece and was written by Kenny Passarelli when he was still performing in Walsh’s band, Barnstorm as a bass player, from 1972-1974. However, the song was never released during the Barnstorm‘s active years.

Years later, Walsh along with Passarelli worked with the song for Walsh’s first solo debut, The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get, in 1973 where Walsh penned the lyrics for the instrumental track. When it was released, it didn’t make the cut to vinyl, so Passarelli endorsed it around with some other artists which include Elton John and Hall & Oates.

It finally got its time for a release when Walsh was working on his 1981 solo project, There Goes The Neighborhood, that is when he and Passarelli finally finished the song – and was instantly released. 

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