The Story Of The Van Halen Solo That Started Everything

MetalHead5023 / Youtube

Some musicians are already legendary. Eddie Van Halen is one of them. A lot of people had already demonstrated their skill on the guitar when that young Dutchman, raised in the USA, appeared with a solo on the first album – with the same name – of a band that carried he and his brother’s last name. The performance earned the title “Eruption”. It was like a “shut up, listen to this and throw your guitars” for everyone who thought they were the guitar hottest in rock.

The year was 1978 and a lot of kids wanted to learn to play because of Eruption” that put Van Halen at the top of the list of good new hard rock bands and their guitarist went on to appear on every list of the best in the world.

On stage, Eddie displayed all his creativity in solos that left fans glued to his fingering and also in the habit of putting the pick in the mouth, an addiction that, it was even speculated, would later have helped to trigger cancer in his throat that took his life.

Eddie lost his long (more than ten years) battle with cancer. The musician also had problems with alcoholism throughout his career. None of this is going to stop him from now showing off the best rock show ever made in heaven, alternating solos with Jimi Hendrix.

Listen to Eruption below: