The Story Of Why Angus Young Wear A Schoolboy Uniform

Youtube / AC/DC

It’s possibly one of the most famous outfits in rock history. Since the beginnings of the Australian rock band AC/DC, Angus Young, their leader, and famous guitarist, always appeared dressed as a schoolboy and thus acted as one on every show.

The theories about the reason for wearing this outfit at the group’s concerts are various. On the one hand, we find ourselves in the 70s, at the height of Glam, the artists of that time used to go to many of their concerts in disguise. This may be one of the reasons why Angus Young decided to dress up as a schoolboy. But why as a schoolboy?

Angus was in various bands until at age 23 he founded AC/DC with his brother Malcolm. After a few shows, he experimented with various suits such as Superman, Spiderman, Zorro, Gorilla, but the one that seemed most convenient to him was that of a schoolboy.

In addition to having unique and representative rock chords, Angus Young’s movements on stage are one of the best in the world since many times he steals the show from their frontman whoever it is be it as Dave Evans, Bon Scott who have passed, Brian Johnson or Axl Rose.

Here come two more theories, on the one hand, legend has it that Angus used to go to group rehearsals without taking off his school uniform. When he started the band Angus was still of school age, so one day his sister Margaret saw him and gave him the idea of ​​going out like this at shows.

On the other hand, it seems that the teachers at Angus’ school continually scolded him, telling him that if he continued only concerned about music and did not study, he would not achieve anything; Therefore, in his honor and in memory of his school, he is dressed like this.

Additionally, he inherited Chuck Berry’s ‘duckwalk’ as one of his seductive weapons. We can clearly see it in the video clip for “Thunderstruck”.

Be that as it may, over time his outfit has become one of the greatest icons in rock history.