The Three Best Pioneer Rock Bands Of The 80s’

The Omnipotent Of 80s Rock

The 80s rock scene was heavily influenced by MTV and the inevitable “Music Video.” It was the first time where you can actually check any newly released song on the TV without having to buy new records or CDs.

It became mainly the reason why rockers and even metal bands to become anxious about how they looked on screen, and it was said that it was the worst decade in the last five decades for innovation in rock music.

But thanks to these Three Best Rock Pioneers of the 80s, they managed to show how 80s rock was Full of Fun, Colorful, Bombastic, and Larger than life, – most importantly being a Rock Star is AWESOME!


3. Bon Jovi

They will always be remembered as one of the few hair bands who managed to be “STILL” relevant up to this day, and definitely many of their songs made history such as “Livin’ On A Prayer”, “You Give Love A Bad Name”, “Keep The Faith”, “Something To Believe In.”

One thing that proves that they were the best ones of the 80s — Concerts were always “Sold Out.”


2. Mötley Crüe

One of the few bands who did what they wanted to do despite the early 80s music antics. Mötley Crüe managed to put out some solid rock records, and such songs like “Shout at the Devil,” “Wild Side,” and “Girls Girls Girls” were something that can be labeled as “THE COOLEST.”


1. Guns N’ Roses

Few of the 80s rock pioneers who found its place in hair metal sensation back then. And when hair metal was about to get killed by grunge pioneer such as Nirvana, Guns N’ Roses found a way to maintain their reputation and even produce a double album that sold millions — how’s that for “Use-ing Your Illusions” not ONCE but TWICE.